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When theives are among us.

Am dreamer and in the near future I look forward to having my own children running around the house.
Walking or driving the kids to school. Playing in the compound , shooting toy guns and going for birthday
parties at the neighbors.
Changing diapers, telling them off when they are in the wrong and talking to them about the things the Heaven
would clearly describe.

I am not yet a parent and maybe not so soon but am a grown up. Some nieces and nephews look upto and take me as someone responsible. They are always asking me about my job and my reply is always “work hard and you will get better a job than mine.”
Am not saying I didnt work hard but just to show them that hard work pays. There is this specific niece (she actually looks like me) who always asks to many questions.
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
“I need a dress for my birthday, will you buy me one?”
“Can we bet? You love your girlfriend.”
“Why are you a journalist? Doesn’t a lawyer or doctor make more money? My dad is doctor and he already has two cars. He is still young.”

There are many more questions that my niece will always ask me and each time I have an answer. As a child I always asked questions.
Education is one thing and today I went to pick my niece from school. Am her guardian because her parents leave atleast over 500miles from Kampala. They stay in a rural area that doesn’t have quality education. I know Universal education upcountry is really pathetic. My niece is in boarding school. Yes. Primary one. And its Sir Apollo Kagwa Old Kampala.

When I went to pick her up she had some fungi infection and her body and wounds. She had lost so much weight. She looked tired and really drained. I remember the opening term of the season when I took her to school and she was healthy. Spotless with no fungi infection. Smiling and she was pretty excited about school.
Children are usually excited about going for their holidays but clearly on her face I could tell she wanted to leave this hell hole.

On the day I took her to school, I paid alot of money at the School canteen that it could take her two terms to finish this amount of money. I left the Matron of her dormitory with clear instructions that if anything happens she should let me know. Unfortunately she never calls yet some airtime is one thing I provide. Am the one who makes the calls and she never told me that my niece was having this fungi infection.
My niece told me about the dirty shower rooms, rest rooms and the terrible food. The school fees unfortunately doesn’t match the services these children receive.

My rant against Sir Apollo Kagwa Old Kampala is that they need to style up and stop reaping us off. The child’s mother who is my sister told me that she is rethinking and will have to change the school.
“I want to go to Namagunga boarding school. This place they do not care about us,” my niece told me.

Talking points:
Working on a new Job application

Some MJ song “They dont really care about us”


2 thoughts on “When theives are among us.

  1. Whoah…I am meant to understand many “Matrons” have that habit of feeding off children. Sad really.

    I hope your niece gains what she lost and that you can answer her questions TRUTHFULLY dude!! Lol.

    Parenting, hmmmmm.

    That MJ was appropriate. Rock on bruv.

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