Guns and roses

What will the gun do?

President Museveni laying a wreath on the bodies of children killed by the huge landslide in Bududa district on Monday. (Picture From NewVision)

So, what is the gun for? landslides and mudslides cannot be shot at. I wonder what the gun signifies.

5 thoughts on “What will the gun do?

  1. oh my its sad about the land slides. Whats the government doing to help those that have reminded as victims to this saddness.

    PS:though i couldnt help but notice..has M7 lost weight or is it the picture?

  2. lol @ugandangirl!

    Hmmm…good point. i wonder what it was for… maybe ‘we are in this fight together’… or something along those lines… or maybe to shoot down the whole of Mt. Elgon so that there are no landslides/mudslides ever again..

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