The little things

About 22 years I was brought into this world. I became part of the human infested planet. Not a bad idea. In growing up I never lived with my parents. I only started living with them when I was 17. Not the reason why I did not go to the most prestigious schools around Uganda. Growing up in the very rural area with no TV and internet, my only friend was a small portable radio. This is where I would get all the information I need. And my auntie had all the novels and books that would sink myself into every evening and read. It had become so obvious that I was destined to be a doctor but on course I met the worst nightmare, a terrible lifestyle that cost me that dream. And well it was also my desire for too much novel reading cost me the chemistry and the biology I was supposed to read. The only thing I knew in chemistry was titration (mixing chlorine with hydrochloric acid) and then there was this
Cl + O2 = CLO2
Then they would ask you to balance the equation. What a nightmare.
So then back to the little things. My relationship with my parents did not improve too much after I was 17. I hardly had a decent conversation with my parents. I would sit with my dad in the car and for over 15k/ms there was no coversation. I would try to talk but all I could say was “now look at how that man is overtaking” or “this road is quite pathetic.” I would never tell my father am broke. I would suck it in and swallow my tongue, die with my brokeness. If I had a problem I would do the same. I never made phonecalls to my parents and rarely did they. At times I would think they are angry because of my past tribulations, but I think I was wrong. They did not look angry at all.
When I joined campass it was the same, nothing new. The conversation would be, “what is your Gpa?”, “How much do you need for tuition?” “when is the holiday and when are you coming home?”
But something changed a month ago. After I graduated my father seems to have changed, he calls me regulary to find out if I have a job or if am broke and need some money. This makes me proud. On graduation, my mother cried and my dad looked so calm. My nephews call him “Mr Cool” and they say he is always in “Chiller mode.”
It is quite amazing how things have turned around.
Its those little things in life, like someone saying thank you, sending you text, telling you how jesus died for you, praying for you, smiling, saying hullo and caring among others that make the difference.
Listen to….
The little things that give you away – linkin Park.
Held – Natale grant.
(If you dont have these two, just drop me an e-mail)

11 thoughts on “The little things

  1. definatly its the small things in life that count. I so love that song – Held am so going to listen to it on my way to work. I dont have the other one…hook a sister up…xx

  2. Good to know yu have started having a r/ship with your parents.
    I try to always make it back home for atleast sunday lunch with the old man but this weekend i skipped making me feel so guilty.

    All the best bruv.

  3. I feel you about not having Kb with your dad…Times when i and my old man just drive on and we dont even talk for hours…

    and if we are to talk, its about whats in the papers..

    it does suck…

  4. I’m really happy for you and the fact that you and your parents are getting somewhere..
    Life is truly about the little things.coz the little things actually make up the big things..

  5. I know what you mean. We only got to talk to our Mom freely after college and now that I live with her, I get to talk to her all the time about anything under the sun. Quite refresing, I must say. As for Dad, it was my sis who used to be free with him because he was a quiet person like me.

  6. @ Ug Girl I’ll def.. hook you up with that song.

    @ Jny23 I only get to see my parents once a year or just spend 2weeks in a year with them

    @ Normzo, its just too weird that in what we talk with our dads is normally not about us. Maybe politics and other things.

    @ Payo He had to talk to you about that. He has seen how you have grown…..

    @ tricia those little things we should also aquaint our selves to do.

    @ Sleek, most def…an interactive parent…..

    @ Yz when anyone from home calls me, i find it such a blessing……… hope you do to.

    @ emrys will do will do

    @ Mudamuli Atleast you can share with your mum. Its pretty tough when one did not grow up with them. My sister and brother do interact with dad so easily…..

  7. it is so saddening how friends can know so little about each other. I shared a campus and lecture room with you for three years and never got to know this…but it is heartening all the same

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