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Special Announcement but first………

Hush now

This is for you
The one who stayed
But then left
The one who stood by
And then laid back
The one who held my hand
And then let go
The one who I watched
And then you drift away

The one who slit my throat
And proudly boasted
The one who knows the truth
But lives in denial
The one with who offered
Me a rose
But then stole it from me again
The one who lied to my soul
And then squeezed blood from my heart

The one that is bold enough
To deny how they feel
The one who is proud of me
But is not appreciative of me
Then who made the choice to go beyond
But could deny they meant it
The one who says they love another
But then they love me.
The one who breathed life in me
And then sucked it out

Now that you are gone
Like a dagger slicing my body parts
Please don’t come back
Since you are sure of what you are doing
You are amazing, lovely and pleasurable
But you have the choice
A choice where you are living in denial
And as the last tear drop rolls off my cheek
It’s time for me to Hush and be quiet
I my heart you live and I will not deny that.

……and then the announcement brought to you by

28rd October @ cineplex Micheal Jacksons This is it will
Premiere. Tickets on sale at cineplex Garden City. (showing from 28th october to November 12th)

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11 thoughts on “Special Announcement but first………

  1. If you leave now please be gone forever more
    If you have doubts please don’t let me think you’ll always love me
    My tears i shed for the last time
    And wishing i shall do no more
    Time for me to settle down, if it cant be you
    I’ll find another to love me true

  2. urm, baby, if we could ask, what is reallly going on…we are kinda getting concerned with these kind of posts you are making…for sure…

  3. Mark, this is a beautiful piece, if you permit me; it is of contemporary relevance to me and my life…
    You may not know how but believe me it is much as its not conspicuous!

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