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Smoothie for you….

I could have posted this on sunday night but I could not resist holding it back. It did not meet the minimum blogging standards. Before I could start typing and punching the keyboard I had to go through too much traffic. I was subjected to a security check and told to keep my hands up in the air or else I would be shot point blank. Then as the detector (avira antivir) was checking, a stone and then the smell of burning tires. Quikely I ran for my and set myself somewhere safe.(quarantine). And then finaly after all that I clicked publishand booom. The blogpost went to drafts. I scheduled. The reason I sheduled was because I was subjected to watch Federer be cleaned up by Del Potro at the USOpen. But how he got beaten up by a 19year old, I dont know.

The previous night while doing a tennis show, I abused serena Williams. “Woman better get your manners back, Kim is back and she iswhipping your (then the teeeeeeeeee sound).” I was whisked off the show and suspended by the radio station pending investigations. Well serena lost to Clijsters who went on to win the
title the next day. Atleast I know I wasnt wrong.

(Fingures stuck on the keyboard wondering what to type next). Those riots in Kampala well I happened to have been whiskedaway before things become hot.
“How could I miss, How did this happen to me, I hate it when I miss drama,” I said to a friend
“What did you miss now?,” He said
“the drama in the city and now I have to tweet,” I replied
“What did your father tell you? Stay away from politics and this whole love for journalism. Its risky,” He said as he handed me to three novels. The bourne betrayal, the spies of warsaw and The scarlatti Inheritance.
As I am trying to offer a reply then My message tone on my Nokia 6030. (twi-twi-twi). The message is from UTL and they have comfirmed my tweeter ID and now I can begin to tweet on UTL.  There was some information freeze until UgInsomniac and rk kept twitter updates. How cute. All went well until.

Hold on wait.
And Del Potro wins the Usopen. (that aint a funny joke). I cant give comments on my radio show because I got suspended (I was charged for abusing the person of a great tennis player. Serena williams)

So then I remember when I was a producer and could sing. I used to love one great song “Coz I gat high, coz I gat high.” so then Last Night at the VMA’s( I was there as Kanye) as the rookie taylor swift is accepting her award, I hustle and puff, grab the mic and:

” You know what, Beyonce deserved to win the award not this blonde looking chic.”

Bang. I had dropped it. But then I remembered its “coz I gat high on benzene mixed with cocaine ice cream and a marijuana smoothie.”
Oh sorry Baz, aint no such With victoria in victoria in Sychelles. And sleek remember to tell the grandkids what you used to drink please help me find streetsider, in this prison its kinda dark so I need some light. In this prison I was able to still write something for yz to read. And lulu a question: Do you ever listen to UBC radio Blue channel? some guy called GNL Zamba, GNL enzamba(get him fired). So then UgGal, I could take you out for Ice cream, Normzo is babysitting. By the way I can also make a rolex for those I do not want to mention here. Heaven, you still freaked out? TRP am so sorry about the post that disapeared.
Just realised this post is too long. Umm please if anyone can locate SERAKALZ.(she went of the radar. Did she get fired?)

And then you should have an emotional me apologise on the Jay Leno show. All this was after I realised what I had done.
“Am sorry taylor swift, Anything I can do to help you, you are so talented,”
Well its so sad that after the events last week in Kampala there is no-one willing to be responsible. Someone to get up and say
“I screwed Up and am sorry.”

Disclaimer: I never listen to UBC blue channel, I was just tunning and heard this guy say GNL Enzamba.

Quote: Boldness is a mask for fear, however great – John Dryden
Reading: The spies of warsaw – Allan Furst.

7 thoughts on “Smoothie for you….

  1. Shhhssss-you didnt have to tell your readers that i was baby sitting-

    I’m so pissed off with that Kanye kid- How could he even say that, that bullshit-He should just get over himself- damn

    I felt so bad for the taylor girl

  2. it’s ok that you listen to UBC blue channel. no really. The Blogosphere is a judgement free zone. 😛

    While I don’t condone Kanye’s behaviour, I can’t say I’m suprised. It’s his gimmick, being a rude, egotistical selfish bastard. genius comes with a price and the man is a genius!

    thank you for something to read!

  3. “The Blogosphere is a judgement free zone…Kanye…the man is a genius”…yz, whatsup? who is this impersonating u? it must be Normzo.
    …that said, Mckeith, this is random man, very very random…interesting, writ in a weird way.

  4. @Nev Adebayor….whoosh he skipped my mind at that time. I decided no football in this post…

    Normzo: Am quiet now… Atleast kanye offered the apology but well sorry for country girl taylor swift. By the way she is now famous… did you know?

    Yz.. the disclaimer was kinda needed…lol And well you know on the heartless album there is the song “heartless” well on that day he was too heartless. Good Music though…

    @sleek… weird way??? Normzo I cant defend you on this one…….

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