Shopping into the “gutter”

I am not the tallest person on earth but my height number is one thing I do not know. Am I something like 5’7 0r 6’5. Seriously I do not know my height. What is the Fuss?
It is one of those days I wake up get to the shower(a cold one). Getting clothes to put on is never a hustle. I do not have many clothes in my bag. Provided I do no own my own wardrobe. This is not surprising am a boy.

Just a few days ago i realized that I did not have clothes to put on. It was Easter and had to attend a special church event. I simply could not get what to put on. I do not want to blame anyone for this, i think its completely my fault. Whenever I get an unprecedented amount of money, i look forward to getting clothes. Well blame me or not i never get the clothes in.
My yearning to get great clothes is high. One evening I decided to go shopping Down town market. Looking at the clothes I did not like what I saw. Then I saw very nice jeans. According to my eyes they were nice. I bought them. I’d rather not mention the price tag its quite disappointing. I have this bargaining problem. I simply find it hard to bargain. Well I got those Finely tailored expensive jeans.

Two months down the road. They are no more. They are terrible and in a sorry state. Stupidly the jeans had no value to me. This is one of those horrifying tales of mine. In my whole “shopping career” I have never bought anything and it lasts. Apart from my shoes, I have never had the the best rewards on the clothes I buy. Fukes.

Don’t know what that may mean, but I know someone will not believe this. I actually depend on what other people buy for me. But in the last 1 year I have hardly received any gift. Ahem. I need a complete bailout. One of my friends always tells me to find a girlfriend. Well we’ll see to that. But i highly doubt if my shopping drought is just about to end.

Should I just assume its not a male thing.

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  • eizzy.k

    LoL, your not the only one who sucks at bargaining!
    Its hard to find good clothes down town, most of the clothes are the same everywhere…i rarely go shopping. I know, its strange, since i’m a girl and all, but i hate shopping…

  • Mckeith

    Wow…am impressed. I think the right word is surprised. strange indeed that rarely go shopping. There are 2 many clothes that i cant make that choice……….

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