R.kelly in town.

R.Kelly in town

After disorganizing traffic along enttebbe road in the R.Kelly branded bus,
We finally made it to the Airport at around 10pm. Just in time as the plane was just landing.
We waited at the VIP lounge at the airport (ofcourse we were standing outside).

The security was intimidating as the guys from Pinnacle security dressed rather in very unfitting suits.
The suits were too long for them. At around 10:45, two light skinned come out of the VIP lounge and then squeeze ourselves to get the perfect shop. My paparazzi tricks had to come into play. Random shots and flashes Started glaring. And there he was in black shades, clogged in an army green jacket, with a scarf around his neck and blue jeans he appeared from the lounge. He waved to the cameras.
Then he came close and said.
“am happy to be here” X3

There was alot of screaming and one lady had him sign an autograph. The he shook the hand of another lady
who just couldn’t stop screaming.
He entered the Range Rover and in a convoy he left for The Serena.

Concert is tonight. No Video camera’s allowed.

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