Patriotic Rants

I am Ugandan. By blood I like my country. Honestly this is one country I like. Though i’d have some reservations, in school I was never taught how to be patriotic. So it was within me to like this country. Many things I love
Sometime last week my patriotism was put to the test. I have this friend of mine who sent me mail on how this world views Uganda. And what did I just find out… I was shocked at what I read.

There was a statement that blew me off. I got so angry and felt like punching the wall.
“Kampala is a city waiting to be f*****.” This was just the beginning. In the e-mail I received some links where I could view some of these comments. When my friend sent me the email he added this statement at the bottom.
“I can’t copy this mail to any female friend, would be too much of an insult.”

This page I was linked to mainly talks about how easy it can get to hook up with a Ugandan lady. The people who post on this site are actually not Ugandans. They are big business people, some of those expatriates who come to do “great work for this country.” They come to Uganda and spend a few nights in Uganda’s top hotels……
Its a discussion board. They comments there to me are worth a treason charge.

“Just walk into the bars at the Rouge, steakout…..and you will find campus girls from MUBS n’ MUK, buy one beer, two or three and she will be yours the whole night. they come cheap.”
“Guys, I had quite a bit of Ugandan gals, where can I hook up a foreign ones.
The only strings are I buy the booze she provides the sex.”

In my head I could not believe what I was reading. Then there was this other post.

“I have pictures of girls from MUBS and Makerere. If you want any just log in and view what these girls have to offer.”

Well they also talked about the hotels where they can meet cheap girls.

“You can f***** a Ugandan girl for as low as 20k.”
I like my country. We have beautiful Ladies. When I checked out this website, I got disappointed. These men pay $19.95 as annual subscription to the website to get info on which Ugandan girl is available. The posh hotels around town might be wondering why their customers love this country.

I am patriotic and reading such puts me off……. We are losing our girls to such creepy men… Am so annoyed… Seriously.

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