Uganda Telecom (UTL) Commits to pay Airtel – Press release from Airtel

Press Release 19th, August 2011– Airtel Uganda has announced new developments followingits decision to discontinue interconnection with Uganda Telecom (UTL).After meetings convened by the Minister of Information, Communication andTechnology and Uganda Communication Commission to facilitate a settlementof the dispute, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the twoparties. Mr. V.G. Somasekhar, airtel Managing Director

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Dear Grandpa

As we sprinkled damp soil in the deep hole, tears dripped gently and had to glide down my cheeks. I watch the grave diggers gently pile soil on your coffin. The thoughts, the memories of a fallen hero, a friend, a teacher, a role model and grandfather continuously keep showing up. “You are still alive,”

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The Kampala pedestrian

A pedestrian can be defined as a person who walks on the roads of Uganda in general and Kampala in particular. Wikipedia and the Oxford dictionary have their own definition of a pedestrian but mine is clearly not far off. In Kampala people walk to work (Which until recently was legal – sort of).There are

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baffled, astonished, worried

Images from London’s riots are unbecoming (Check oxford dictionary). The sheer determination by groups of youth breaking into shops and doing loot service. Its all over the news and the social media circles. Such events are usually scarce on the news wires. Looting and rioting have always been an African thing and rarely do we

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Cremation; The Untold Story.

I have always been fascinated by cremation. Yes the idea of having someone burnt and then have their ashes sprinkled into water (like in the movies) or left placed near the house chimney. Recently I have been analysing this issue and amazingly while chatting with a friend (Not the one you know). This friend explained

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Green Lantern NOT the review.

I am scared. Oh yes I have fear.  “look look, There is some Castle Milk Stout,” he says in a rather beer hungry tone.  He says it with no fear. Meaning he is Green. Yes. He has some green face.  Then in the corner seated on a couch is another gentleman.  “Water please,” he tells

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Not Blogging. Moving soon.

Its been ages since I posted anything here.Wait. Long since I posted. That is an understatement. Well I have a couple(Not a couple, more than a couple) of excuses. (Always have an excuse for everything. Backspace and remove the word everything and replace it with “not doing something”.) 1. Got a new job. Yes. 2011

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That moment of fame with “Beauty of Rwanda”

Salha Kaitesi is a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur with a passion of making a difference, especially to the women from the land of a thousand hills. Yes I said women. Don’t we all owe part of our lives to the ladies? Yes we do. The ladies are part of our lives, they have built

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On the 5th day of number 5

Paint brush in my hands, I smear a part of it on a cloth forming an undefined image. Little is known about what I’d painted, but all I remember was it was something dazzling. I watch, tilt, and admire my dazzling painting. I place down the brush, hold the cloth and hang it on my

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