Is Uganda a liability for Tullow Oil?

Neymar was the poster boy for Brazil in the World Cup. He was all over billboards and adverts during the World Cup. When he got injured, Brazil crumbled. They conceded a record seven goals. Tullow similarly has been the poster company for oil discoveries in Uganda. Tullow risked its dollars. The company, in a statement

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When the top six banks sneeze, the entire banking sector catches the cold

None of the top six banks posted losses. There was “just” a decline in profitability. They still made money. Inside the boardrooms however it’s a whole different story. The CEO’s have questions to answer. How to turn around a less than impressive year?  The top six banks are Stanbic, Standard Chartered, Crane Bank, Centenary, Barclays

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Press and Journalists Act “violates the freedoms of speech, expression, the press and other media” – Petition

… from The African Center for Media Excellence  PRESS RELEASE On Friday March 14, 2014, the Centre for Public Interest Law (CEPIL), in cooperation with the Human Rights Network for Journalists and the Eastern Africa Media Institute, a tripartite initiative known as the Partnership for a Free and Independent Media, filed a constitutional petition challenging major sections of the

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Three years [almost] of inflationary targeting; what do we know so far?

“Central banks are mysterious institutions, the full details of their inner workings so arcane that very few outsiders, even economists, fully understand them” Liaquat Ahamed, in Lords of Finance. [Currently reading] We swipe the access cards and walk through the revolving door to the elevator. Then we make it to level 7. To a heavily

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Government and Oil Companies signed an MOU, So what?

“A prenuptial agreement is a legally bind contract created by two people before they marry. In the prenuptial agreement the couple addresses such issues as the property bought into the marriage by each person and what the property rights of each will be should they divorce.” Words. Sentences. Jargon. Phrases. Anecdotes. This is how we

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Finance Trust Bank: Local bank but will it hack it as a commercial bank?

26 – The number of licensed commercial banks in Uganda. Not a terrible statistic considering that only one commercial has been closed down in the last five years. The Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) and Finance Trust Bank are the latest entrants in Uganda’s commercial banking scene. More recently, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) acquired a 70percent

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