Surprised? Don’t be. Mutebile was admitting the obvious.

“The problem of appreciating private sector constraints is reinforced by these institutions being dominated by people who have never run their own business, let alone exported a product” Andrew Rugasira (A Good African Story)   In February 2014, the Uganda Shilling began a downward trend against the US Dollar. At the time, the sentiments were

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[Guest Blog] Crystal Telecom Rwanda IPO: Why investors could cry

By Andrew Muhimbise Rwanda is a small mountainous country in the middle of Africa, it has had a stellar Public Relations performance ever since the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) took power and control of this small Nation, I mention RPF because this ruling party owns the selling shareholders: Crystal Ventures which is offering 100% of

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For Kyayonka, look beyond the minuscule time at NSSF

It’s a four. No, it is a six. Wait, they call them boundaries. Wicket. This one comes after some fine bowling. A mistake by the batsman. Then there is a duck. Not one in water. One in cricket where you don’t get to pick a single run. Then there is Yorker. An over. A century.

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Ayanda & Asio

The wait. The anxiety. Dozens of steps had been made. The nurses, often, looked at me. Giggled. Then they were back to work. At 1130hours, the wait was over. Ayanda was here. The mother, Asio, was fine. Only she can explain the pain she had been through. “She looks like you,” she said. “No she doesn’t.

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Dear reader, I apologize

The newsroom is like a marketplace. We trade news. Some say we peddle rumors. We are criticized more often than not. A reader opens the newspaper and from page one, they shred whatever we are writing. The majority – of Ugandans – do not have access to the newspapers. On radio stations, time is dedicated

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Is Uganda a liability for Tullow Oil?

Neymar was the poster boy for Brazil in the World Cup. He was all over billboards and adverts during the World Cup. When he got injured, Brazil crumbled. They conceded a record seven goals. Tullow similarly has been the poster company for oil discoveries in Uganda. Tullow risked its dollars. The company, in a statement

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When the top six banks sneeze, the entire banking sector catches the cold

None of the top six banks posted losses. There was “just” a decline in profitability. They still made money. Inside the boardrooms however it’s a whole different story. The CEO’s have questions to answer. How to turn around a less than impressive year?  The top six banks are Stanbic, Standard Chartered, Crane Bank, Centenary, Barclays

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Press and Journalists Act “violates the freedoms of speech, expression, the press and other media” – Petition

… from The African Center for Media Excellence  PRESS RELEASE On Friday March 14, 2014, the Centre for Public Interest Law (CEPIL), in cooperation with the Human Rights Network for Journalists and the Eastern Africa Media Institute, a tripartite initiative known as the Partnership for a Free and Independent Media, filed a constitutional petition challenging major sections of the

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