My “Viewer discretion fantasy”

So they say there is a fantasy world out there….? Actually am not sure if it is a question because I know I have my own fantasies… So u had better make up your mind… Is anyone getting’ my point or you probably thinking this guy is insane… Can I get 2 the point… In

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Gold Trophy ca. 2000

idle notes (continued):the oscars and nobel peace prize

I was talking about songs of love to have us change the language because despite the way people have sung about love there is beef everywhere i had an idea that probably shakespears language wld be of an advantage to the spreading of love across the airwaves…….. Now as i was thinking of the next

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21st Century American Revolution

Many revolutions have backbönes. In the days when we studied european history we had the 1789 french revn. But be4 that we had the american revon. The americans revolted against the british. Here is the latest revolution against anytìn’ that looks british. Cricket hahaha i hve neva heard the usa play cricket but they have

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do we still have song writers(its not a question)

You know it is so suprising that now days i can also be a song writer. Why? The answer is so simple. We are singing about love everyday and hey for the producers its just the sae beat for one artist. Do we still have song writers. well i believe we have just a pinch

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