Honest answers. A myth?

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PROLOGUEI begin this post with a conversation between a minister and his permanent secretary. Minister: I want to know the truth HumphreyP.S: I don’t think you do ministerMinister: Will you answer a direct question HumphreyP.S: I strongly advise you not to ask a direct question, MinisterMinister: Why?P.s: It might provoke a direct answerMinister: Humphrey, are […]


Greasy Wallpaper

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White walls are like the open space. They blossom. Painting images of hope and hopelessness. He is a young man. Early 20’s. A student. A smiling face he will always display. A hungry stomach he possesses. He is not greedy. It’s forced fasting. Last week a girl kindly offered chicken and the local delicacy (matooke). […]

death rants

Dusting MJ’s Dashboard

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Dusting the cobwebs off the audio tape. In 1995 (I think) I received a gift from my special auntie. It was an MJ audio tape. The only song I could sing was Bad. Honestly I enjoyed it. I have never seen my auntie since then. In the days of primary school I read all the […]


“Blogger” goes into administration

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This rumour has been going on for atleast three weeks. I would like to confirm this by announcing that this blog has gone into administration. The current financial crisis is partly the cause. The new Brain crunch has also been a cause for filing for bankruptcy. We would like to announce that there are issues […]

kampala city

Building the Pothole brand

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Kampala is a city that is losing its natural touch. The vast appearance of advertising boards has given the city a colourful touch. The natural beauty is now displayed in the large giant screens. As I move through Kampala the billboards are almost everywhere and they are doubling by the day. This City of Ours […]


Walking in reverse

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“Opportunity knocks once.” I don’t know whether it is proverb or a saying or a common statement used by the ordinary Ugandan. Whenever I pick The Saturday Vision and New Vision, I read the writers’ name before I let my eyes explore the story. There are particular people I’ll look out for. Carol (Natukunda/Kasujja/Kezaabu), Ernest […]


Is it for love?

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How do the rich earn their money? They were patient and built their empires over the years. Well at times I wonder if am following in their footsteps. Is it that I like my internship and enjoying it? Well I do not know. When I took up this internship or I would rather call it […]


“Green Bottle” effects

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In The Rainmaker a book by John Grisham, the main character RRudy Baylor is this young lawyer trying to find a place to practice but before he could sit his bar exam he works at this bar called Yogi’s. He works at the bar in order to get himself some rent and good money to […]


Death and all its friends (Viva la Vida)

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I want a gun. Shoot someone. That one, who tortured me, beat me, rendered me useless, denied me entrance in the pub and stole my phone. Could this have been going through the mind of that PGB soldier who shot at people at a bar in Kampala sometime last month? A dark crispy night, air […]


Open Secret.

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The day payo bestowed this award he warned me not fox like he did. The Payo I know would fox. He did not include it in the 10 things about himself. Well this is about me. I almost ignored it to but the temptation was to high for me to ignore. Talking about thyself is […]