Broken hearts


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The beauty of life is to appreciate how diverse human nature behaves. People are different. If put together they can make a very beautiful fabric. Ever been in love? Ok I can see that the answers are different. Obviously some are saying Yes others are saying No. “Hey you over there, do you have anything […]

Growing up

The story of moi’

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“…….I turn my head east; I don’t see nobody by my side.I turn my head to the west; still nobody in sightSo I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride.That old me’s dead and gone but the new me will be alright….” The room is dark. The only sounds […]


Another Ugandan graduate

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Dreams have come and others have passed by but I am still alive.The next few days remind alot of troubles a child but then its a momentI will cherish and live to rememeber.On Friday this week I will be yet another Ugandan graduate. Yet another one who will looking for the ideal job. So please […]

am sorry

BHH. And again I miss.

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This is terrible. Am going to miss what would have been very first BHH. So since I pondered on what to do while am on the bus on my way back from my beautiful dusty home town. Gosh I wish I had traveled yesterday……. Why not a poem to keep me having a reason wait […]


Smoothie for you….

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I could have posted this on sunday night but I could not resist holding it back. It did not meet the minimum blogging standards. Before I could start typing and punching the keyboard I had to go through too much traffic. I was subjected to a security check and told to keep my hands up […]

its within us


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Rain drops gently fall to the ground. They form little spectacular splashes. Gently the skies darken like a night in harlem. The splendor of the rain lets its self create the hush sound. The water flows and touches the dry ground. The scent of the wet-dry soil arouses the desire of one to pluck out […]

cheating men

Not cool being the wife

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In life there is always that wish to have a family. To dream of a home with Kids dashing around and calling you Daddy or mummy. How about the wife who will wake up and kiss you on the cheek and tell you how much she loves you. How wonderful. Its very understable how a […]


Stay. Dont leave

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I watchI witherI lose HopeI look flawless I am lightLike a feather in the windI am far awayEmbedded in thoughtsThe thoughts of a crying heartBleading tearsBeaming with claws of a broken heart. I dreamOf that lifeThat fantasyThat forever stays withinThat forever glows like a twilightI look at the skiesThe stars talkA language I understandA language […]