Open Secret.

The day payo bestowed this award he warned me not fox like he did. The Payo I know would fox. He did not include it in the 10 things about himself. Well this is about me. I almost ignored it to but the temptation was to high for me to ignore. Talking about thyself is one thing I have not done in a long time. I have been honored and touched to receive this award. So I’ll bow first and unleash the person in me. I present to you Mckeith.

1. I am still intact. I’d rather not dwell on this too much but I have reserved thyself for that person am yet to find. I’d want to use the V-word but I hope you get that one.

2. I am too shy. Ok I have been close to so many people and the one thing they always tell me is that am shy. This normally happens with the female specie. Eye contact is always avoided and I normally walk head facing down with my Ipod and earphones plugged in my ears. I’ll greet as many people as possible but when you start complementing me I’ll blush all the way. Cant believe am typing all this stuff.

3. I like to grow my hair. Its poor quality. If you know what faded brown is then get to think of my hair. However I never get the opportunity to grow it. It gets me into trouble with my friends and family laughing at me for the quality of my hair.

4. I have only been in one relationship. S.3-S.5. Since then I have been on this quest to find that bond but it has become mission impossible.

5. I Lost my mouth-virginity last year. I’d call it a fling. It wasn’t that interesting. I had yearned for this opportunity to kiss. I took the chance but I did not enjoy a piece of it. So am still hanging in there.

6. I have very many fantasies. I love to think of myself as the rich fine guy with a great family, good job and nice cars. When am walking am imagining lots of stuff that I even talk to myself. I would want to call it a level of madness. Mid-madness. It keeps me standing though.

7. I am only annoyed when am broke. When brokenness avails itself I tend to have no friends. I become so rude, grumpy and tend to carve my face with wrinkles. It is one of those things I believe every boy will worry about. I hate brokenness but when I spend I expect to get broke.

8. I cannot say no. When it comes to social issues I cannot say no. There is always a polite way of saying it but am just one guy who will say yes I can do that. Open minded. This aint no advert. Its honesty.

9. I am in love with a stranger.

10. I hate it when they call me a young boy. I know am in my early twenties but most of the people call me a young guy. 19 year old. Last year some guy at Sway bounced me at the entrance. how nice. Thats why I love keeping my hair it makes me look my age. AM OUT.

The enchanted seven that deserve this.
1. valentia
2. Carlifornia gal
3. liz
4. yz
5. payo
6. Ugandan gal
7. eizzy.k

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5 thoughts on “Open Secret.

  1. Bambie!
    your And why sway? i hate that place, oba its just bad memories…

    Your 19? cool…that makes feel not so young!
    innocence is refreshing!

    thanks for the award! you can check out my 10 honest things i’ve already posted, if you already haven’t!

  2. Sway sucks…..trust me. since that day……..i have never looked back..
    A gal once told me
    “You are my little brother” when i asked her out.

    The innocence bit is what drives me……..

  3. Firstly I dont fox. Never! What does that mean anyway?
    1-Intact? Maybe the meaning has changed.
    5-Mt first kissed sucked too…the gal swamped me with you know what. I had to use a hankie after.
    7-I didnt know! Honestly.
    10-I’m stopping the baby chants, i promise.

  4. First time here….just saw the tag 🙂 I’ve already done my Honest Scrap post..its the “Mini- Confessions” one.

    ‘I hate it when they call me a young boy.’ Really? But why? I love it when people think I’m younger..ama its coz I’m female..

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