Making the first move

Most of the people will think making the 1st move is so easy but my God it is just so hard. I beg for some protection here. I have always wanted to tell this girl how I feel and its not been so easy for me for some years. There are things you always fear.

1. She is going to ask you who gave you the feelings

2. She is going to ask me whether I am the first boy to have seen her.

3. Probably she will think that you are nuts.

4. You may not want the shame of being blasted like a golf club………

5. She will pretend not know what you are going to talk about…

I have done this for some good time. I always tell my boys with confidence.
“I like that girl and bet on it am going to tell her how i feel.” East to say. But by the time I get to her, it is another story. I start my normal Jazz………

Is that crap? No it aint. I have always seen myself as a confident boy but some things bring me close to my toes. By the time I am going to tell the girl they already know. They wait for me to talk. It is annoying. Can’t the girl ever make the first move?
Girls please!!!!!!

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