Limit on Human Mating

It was a bright Sunday as I did my laundry. Samsung phone Radio tuned to the BBC. The details of the show. Very interesting topic on the Communitariansim. We have people we call heroes. They alter the state of being by doing the most noble of things. In this particular segment of the show “the forum,” one of the panelists is asked in 60 seconds to suggest something that they would want to do to make the world better.

“My 60 second idea is to limit human sex to two months per year. The human species is one of the few species that mates all year round. And here are some of the benefits of reducing the mating seasons to the two warmest months of the year.

1. It will promote better health. Human babies will be exclusively born in the warm season and winter related problems among newborns will not occur.

2. This will help to reduce anti-social behavior. Spend Saturday night in the city centre, and you will see alot of attention seeking behavior that is to do with attracting individuals of the opposite or the same sex. limiting this anti-social behavior to two months will be a major relief to society. Do you know how our society will be with 10 months to focus on how to improve our society without any interference from our LIBIDO. 

3. The two months would then be turned into a massive carnival and all kinds of joy for those who want to participate in it.” German musicologist Dr Daniel Mullensiefen

Seriously this would be a big ask. No sex for 10months  (unless its virginity).  This is very unrealistic. I Imagine Padlocks would have to be made to keep people away from sex.
How would one suppress sexual urges? That would be making us like animals yet we are humans.

Annual mating season for Humans. I would Imagine billboards carrying adverts of the countdown to the Mating Season. Then the carnival being arranged like a concert that would usher in the two months of mating. Very funny.By the way it would also boost on sex tourism. People would save money and travel to the place they want to celebrate their Sex carnival.

We would probably see Sex Strikes led by Sex activists who would demand for the return of the normal mating to return. We would also get the Sex Crackdown Unit in the police and the intelligence.
But this wouldn’t work. Just Imagine it for one moment. Its just too funny to be a realistic idea.

It reminds of Janthan Swifts 1729 satirical short story A Modest Proposal. In the short story Swift appears to suggest in his essay that the impoverished irish might ease their economic troubles by selling children as food for rich gentlemen and ladies. 

5 thoughts on “Limit on Human Mating

  1. lol at Sex Crackdown Unit!! wow, i should listen to the BBC more often. Of course this would never work – with other species, it comes naturally. Self-imposed restrictions on sex for EVERYONE… thats just asking for trouble hehe!
    Great post!

  2. @Nevender Those units would be some of the best… With CCTV installed in peoples bedrooms.

    @Char Thanks. It would asking for much more than just trouble….. Imagine in those two months of allowed sex. It would be like a sex carnival or something.

    @Petesmama organized into one mating season is asking too much from human nature.

  3. Alot of people would get AIDS and other evil shit, because who, really, would give the slightest hoot about the health of anybody else’s loins during those two months? They also haven’t considered the creepy stench the planet would be filled with. Everybody (because they’d be redfaced would become a rapist. Me i think.
    But the Amazon women managed it. Of course they were lesbo half the time but they DID manage it.

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