Intimate connection: Kampala Vs Earth

The traffic jam around Kampala in the late evening is quite pathetic. So to beat the Jam I normally like taking a walk. I have always dreamt and I hope to drive a car in the near future. Hope the roads will be available. Now while I was walking I noticed a few things.

1. When the cars are parked in the Jam, the engines are on. Hmmm the air is no longer fresh because of such.

2. Flowing sewerage. As the cars are moving at snail speed, the gentle breeze is sticky only to notice that there was flowing sewerage.

3. Flying polythene. It’s quite windy. The hush sound of car engines and cluttering of polythene can’t be avoided. I notice polythene bags scratching on the tarmac and some flying around and just around the corner, a garbage heap. Buzzing flies with that stingy smell of rotten garbage and the flowing sewerage pre-empt me to move fast.
It was getting late.

4. As the traffic slowly begins to gain some pace. A green coloured bus, think its Nile coach passes and through the window someone sends out a “kaveera.” It doesn’t come to me but it lands on the approaching bodaboda. How sweet.

So then it was Earth day, well no one seems to know about it in Uganda. It’s a no show for the green activists. What did I do? I did switch my lights earlier than usual in order to save energy. Had less coffee candy that usual, Shut down my laptop, removed the charger from the power socket, slept when the TV was off and finally I avoided the supermarket (No “kaveera” for earth day).
Do you know that CNN used a green strip to mark earth day? Well our local TV’s never mentioned it. Bet the earth doesn’t need a day in Uganda. We already have one, “Keep Kampala city clean.” The slogan has been the driving force to the cleanliness in our great city. All this eco-stuff doesn’t matter in our beloved clean city. I need some fresh air.

All objections may be overruled.

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