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Honest answers. A myth?

I begin this post with a conversation between a minister and his permanent secretary.
Minister: I want to know the truth Humphrey
P.S: I don’t think you do minister
Minister: Will you answer a direct question Humphrey
P.S: I strongly advise you not to ask a direct question, Minister
Minister: Why?
P.s: It might provoke a direct answer
Minister: Humphrey, are you telling me that the BAE won the contract by bribery?
P.s: Ohh!! Minister I wish we wouldn’t use words like bribery
Minister: What would you like me to say? Brown envelopes? Sweeteners? Slush funds?
P.s: Ohh!! Minister these are extremely and unworthy expressions for what is no more than creating negotiations. It is the general practice.
Minister: You do realise what you are saying Humphrey. I ratified that contract in good faith.
P.s: Ohh! Yes indeed Minster
Minister: And that communicate I issued to the press, I announced a British success won in a fair fight. Now you are telling me we got the contract by bribery?
P.s: No minister
Minster: ohh!! It was not got by bribery?
P.s: That is not what I said.
Minister: Then what did you say?
P.s: I said I will not tell you if it was got by bribery.
Minister: Are you saying winking at corruption is government policy?
P.s: Ooh no Minister that is unthinkable. It could never be government policy. Its only government practice
The body:
As a boy with ambitions for the future. A family. Kids running around. Driving them to school. Ooh and all the good you can dream of. Ok now at the time of finding that who thou shalt enjoy the family life, it gets tough. There is no-one willing to give that honest answer. They expect you to tell if it is a No/Yes. These are some answers from brief excerpts. These were received from the different girls my hypothetical friend has asked out. This guy has never been turned down. I’ll call him Matt.
1. I love you to Matt, but not that sort of love. The other love. I really do care for you.
2. You such a great guy. Any girl would fall for you. Trust me. Even those better than me.
3. Matt. If I didn’t have a boyfriend, then you’d be my boyfriend. You are so sweet.
4. You are like a brother to me. A close friend. I don’t want to lose you.
5. I like you. But it’s just that the distance. I might find another guy.
6. You are so different from other guys. I wish we would be together but I just ain’t ready.
7. Many girls like you by the way. Including me, but it’s just that I can’t. It’s Personal
Who of the seven means NO? It’s so hard to tell. Is No in between the letters? Is there a code in the sentences (Like the Da-Vinci code)? So when does No really mean No and then mean yes. I bet i’d sound better if Matt had gotten a straight No. Matt is celebrated the 2nd anniversary of his No that never appeared day on 17th July. I think on that day he got answer number 4. Well from that day on he has never known if it really meant to be a No.

The Prologue comes from the British comedy series by the BBC. It’s called Yes Minister. (Season 3 episode 4: The moral Dimension)
Yes Minister is a satirical British sitcom written by Sir Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn that was first transmitted by BBC television and radio between 1980 and 1984, split over three seven-episode series. The sequel, Yes, Prime Minister, ran from 1986 to 1988. In total there were 38 episodes—of which all but one lasted half an hour.

8 thoughts on “Honest answers. A myth?

  1. hahahaha i too have been told that many times dont know what to believe can the girls be more clear i feel your pain tell me am Matt but “if you can keep a secreat and so can I”

  2. i dint like yes prime minister. this sounds like a dream, the way you bound from one topic to the other. people are just not as open as they should be

  3. lol, The Prime Minister was a funny series..I never got enough of that.

    That’s why that’s why they say a gals No means Yes -Poor Matt, how come no one told him this

  4. @lulu How could you not like it? Its very hillarious.

    @streetsider lol

    @emi’s Because he tried to apply no means yes the girls who tell him to back off. and he wouldn’t try they would say he was slow

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