Haunted hotel

The Ugandan town of Fort Portal is home to one slowest talking people, the Batooro. I was given the opportunity by Coca Cola to travel to this great Kingdom. My reason for travelling will not be disclosed but for some reason I was fascinated by different things.

Well, I had to book myself into a hotel for the night. Across the horizon I could notice a pink lacework as the sun was beginning to set west of this blessed town. I walked looking for a hotel that would suit the money I had. Not that I am a broke guy but coke was paying the bills. Thanks to them by the way. Along the main street as buildings began to light up, a hotel. I’d rather not mention its name. Confidentiality is of the essence. So I got the counter. The manger, casually dressed in blue round necked shirt welcomed me to the hotel and the usual hullabaloo. But I was struck when the manager asked me something.

“Well Sir should I bring a girl for you, for the night?” He asked.
I looked at him, felt like laughing and could not help look at the guy. Then to myself I said.

“Do I look like a guy who needs a one night stand? Well maybe because my hairstyle. My afro makes me look old.”

“So where are you going to get this girl am you are going to give me for the night?” I asked him

He then with simple smile said to me. “Just say yes and I will just dial the number, she will be here in no time.”
I was shattered.

“So do people actually ask you for girls when they get here?” I asked him.
“Of course they do. I’ve already made six calls today,” He replied me.

It is amazing. He actually thought I needed a girl. Oh my.

“Well Ssebo I do not need a girl for the night. I am fine the way I came. Just make sure I have everything I asked for,” I told him

Well I went to my room and was quite uneasy. It was like a gal was going to knock at my door and ask if I needed her services. After close to an hour, I moved to the hotel lobby to watch the events at the reception. I watched on and noticed I was kind of the only person going to sleep in my room. The room was quite cold.

Whatever happened in the rooms, I could not help but eavesdrop. Some were my neighbours. I turned my music up and slept in uncertainity.

4 thoughts on “Haunted hotel

  1. “…Well maybe because my hairstyle. My afro makes me look old.” You wish! LoL!

    damn, well i read in the papers how the sex trade business is booming here in Kampala, didn’t know it extended up to Fort portal! thats really messed up…

    tho if i was you i would have said yes, just out of curiosity, who or what they would bring… then probably just given her some money and sent her away…


  2. Well I almost said yes just to see then I’z like am not going to take a risk………
    But i saw some of the girls in the lobby……they were cute-ish……..

    Then my afro……its killer……I like it coz it makes me old…….

  3. You where offerd soemthing and you said NO!!…can i be YOU for a day…

    was in fort this week…and didnt get any offers like that…Was it the choice of Hotels?

  4. @Normzo… Well maybe you went to the wrong hotel.

    I was there again last weekend and this time i did not get the offer…. But
    am telling you the offer was there and I politely said no….

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