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Hate it or Love it. (the riots that suck)

“lock the gate now or you’ll get shot,” she said
As the sound of deafening gunshots rocked around the place.

“Am running to akamwesi, the tear gas is in my eyes ahhhhhhhhhhh,” She wailed on
the phone as I tried ask to get home pretty fast.

The rioters
“We are even ready to sacrifice our lives for the kabaka. This government has done alot
to suppress our Kabaka,” one lady said
(Chanting the Buganda Anthem. Ekitiibwa kya buganda)

When Heaven wrote something about things getting out of Hand because of the kabaka issue
it looked like perceived reality. The one they call the unseen reality. Riots around the
city of God. People got scared. Guns, fire and tear gas rocked the city.
These scenes are not of those of people yearning for a country but probably for
those who have their interests.

The outburst which at the Daily Nation in kenya was referred to as riots by “Buganda
Mornachists” come with realism befitting the politics of Uganda. The riots which
were somewhat long overdue and yes the Kayunga issue might have been on of the
causes but this that we saw wasnt at all appealing for the city of God.
So who is suffering. The President is in Enttebbe ummm the Kabaka is
probably seated in his Lubiri pondering on what should happen next.
“What have these people done?” he says or
“This is cool.”
Well whatever happened in the city is not healthy for business but
for the politics of Mengo, probably they believe they have scored but
this aint the way things are supposed to be.
Whoever they are fighting for is not the Kabaka, it is probably more tha that
which we dont know.
He is getting a massage in Mengo or sipping orange juice but his heart could pounding so
hard that we could feel his heart beat.

“this will not be allowed…. U have no right to intimidate anybody,” the president himself says.
He says CBS was inciting the violence and telling people to storm the police stations. Well, culture vs
politics, it is. He is the one who restored the kingdoms but now the Baganda loyalists believe
he is doing more harm than good.
By the way on UBC radio last night he sounded terribly angry.He says that the mengo officials have
breached part of what was agreed on paper by the gov’t and mengo.

Instead of Rioting for things like corruption we brace ourselves and riot for the one person
whose interests are not for this country. Just imagine a demo against NSSF. Imagine workers 

decide not pay NSSF money for like 5months……… Do these people even love this country? You see 
thats why they cant teach partriotism in class.

Over and Out.

5 thoughts on “Hate it or Love it. (the riots that suck)

  1. Despite the fact the rioting cause death and ruins of business and brought the city to a stand still. I think the message as much as it might have seem it was regarding the kabaka. It was more along the lines of people are fade up hence they are directly their frustration to anybody or anything that might seem worthy of the cause. Ug is not a democratic republic and there definatly is no freedom of speech . To be honest as a by stander i dont think this is the last we have seen of it.

  2. man the baby, are you seriuos, the kabaka, in all his might was stopped from visiting Kayunga. Museveni here was giving himself a 2011 acid test; and he failed.

  3. @Anonymous Well i’d not exactly call a 2011 acid test but just say the riots were much deeper than buganda itself. My problem is that they became vilent. Do you know how they did it in Madagascar when that DJ tookover power?
    I condemn both sides: The one that incites violence and that one that uses huge force even mambas to curb down demos and none is willing to take the blame.

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