Flushed down under

3:00am Saturday morning. The room is quite. My head is spinning. The night is chilly. All my ears can hear is sound of the dogs breathing hard in the backyard. This is not in my sleep. I am awake. Awake because I cannot sleep. In my head I ask God to give me some sleep. I needed it after a long hard day.

So I wait. I turn left, then right, blanket on the face, then off the face, face up and then face down. Still I cannot sleep. So I needed something to make me sleep but could not find it. Slowly my mind went into deep thoughts. Thoughts of what my life would, should or can be. I do not know.

Growing up I had always wanted to be a doctor. Does that sound interesting? As a kid I actually had a passion of being this kind of person. So I went to school. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, these were subjects I loved. I attended each lesson. Well by the time I left secondary school there was thing they called Balancing equations. Well by that time I could hardly balance. They looked like stars to me. Chemistry confused my head. The periodic table, Huh…. unbelievable. I think one thing I understood was Titration. Mixing chemicals into chemicals, right? The theories in physics screwed me up, the biology terms were killer and for mathematics, i’d rather not talk about it.
That explains it. The dream had”died”. Out like a candle in the wind. Helpless but could not light it again. Now here I am a journalist in the making. Know that Zain slogan? A wonderful world…..

Would I be blogging?

I must admit am enjoying this life as a young reporter and a blogger. At that point I recovered my sleep. Slowly I slept. I went back into the life of uncertainity.

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