Embrace thy musical creativity

Relaxing while eating my blue pen cover, Earphones plugged in my ears. My Nokia 6030 has a radio function. I proudly want to listen to music. I have quite a number of radio stations saved. So I start tuning.

93.3 KFM… the song playing: “Oli mugatti gwa batta, bread and batta.”
I don’t know the exact title but the song is about this girl who is batter/margarine for the bread.

91.3 Capital…. “Boomshackatack” the song title I also find complicated. But well i have no idea what it means. It sounds like: Boom shark attack.

90.0 Radio one. Not a local song this time. “Big in Japan tonight, big in japan all night…” The title of this one is “Big in Japan.”

100 Hot 100… “Lollipop”… Lilwayne’s with a song about a lollipop. I must admit this song sells like hot candy (is there any?)

95.9 Touch FM… “White Shadows.” This Coldplay tune is all about chasing white shadows. Kinda funny huh!! I’ve never seen a white shadow.

99.0 East Africa radio….. “All the single ladies, all the single ladies” Beyonce keeps on repeating those words. I love the way she repeats the words… It’s all I hear.

94.8 Vision Voice… “If we’re a boy” Ok now Beyonce is making my day. From single ladies then to being a boy…. wow that’s something now.

My rest is over and need to get back to work. I must admit the creativity of musicians. It is just the killer. Oh there other radio station like cbs,akabozi,simba, super etc….. The creativity is just something…..
I need to unplug these earphones…duty calls…

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