60 seconds or not of fame with Mckeith

It was the one the biggest mentions on Ugandan Girl’s blog. There was so much hype around it. Her 60 seconds interview mentioned my name and I got approached by all these news wires looking to interview me. I mean who would think Sanyu FM’s Seanice, Capital FM’s Kassuja, NTV’s Rosemary and Tina (Rendezvous), UBC’s

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Not again

World shut out, dreams thrown out and yet again it has been blown. The sleepless nights, as he slowly turned the pages and expected to start a new chapter in life. This chapter has to be deleted. Again. Wiped away. The morning was jolly as he knew the next day would come with its fortunes.

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For the cause of the pink ribbon

On Monday, I woke with flash disk like legs. My legs had become stiff. The stiffness had come in after 10kms of a Marathon I had run on Sunday. Not that am unfit but being the busy person the job has put me through, it had become evident that working too hard had put some

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Somone stole my baby

It a sorrowful month for me, as someone decided to take my baby. The baby was just over 1year old and was increasingly getting closer to my heart. I loved this baby that I would spend considerable time with it. The baby took time to remind me of memories long gone. What always appeased me

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The letter to my newly found

Intrigued by the desires of my heart, happiness seems to have made the return journey. It had taken a vacation. It has become obvious that she is newly found but I will do my best to keep her away from sleek. So I have decided to write her this letter. Dearest Beloved This is the

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From my sister to you

It’s been long Long since I have a broad smile The broad smile who have denied me Denied to me by my misjudegment Misjudgement that love had presented Presented in the form of you Your scented clothes, The tender kiss you left on my cheek The cheek I would often present apart from that night.

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The little things

About 22 years I was brought into this world. I became part of the human infested planet. Not a bad idea. In growing up I never lived with my parents. I only started living with them when I was 17. Not the reason why I did not go to the most prestigious schools around Uganda.

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Open Secret.

The day payo bestowed this award he warned me not fox like he did. The Payo I know would fox. He did not include it in the 10 things about himself. Well this is about me. I almost ignored it to but the temptation was to high for me to ignore. Talking about thyself is

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