EzeeMoney vs MTN: That discussion on the competition law is necessary

Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition. – Ed Mc Cabe. Sammy Mwathi thought after taking signing an agreement with EzeeMoney, he had expanded his business. Little did Mwathi know he had stepped on the path filled with ants. For being an EzeeMoney agent, he had

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Surprised? Don’t be. Mutebile was admitting the obvious.

“The problem of appreciating private sector constraints is reinforced by these institutions being dominated by people who have never run their own business, let alone exported a product” Andrew Rugasira (A Good African Story)   In February 2014, the Uganda Shilling began a downward trend against the US Dollar. At the time, the sentiments were

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[Guest Blog] Crystal Telecom Rwanda IPO: Why investors could cry

By Andrew Muhimbise Rwanda is a small mountainous country in the middle of Africa, it has had a stellar Public Relations performance ever since the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) took power and control of this small Nation, I mention RPF because this ruling party owns the selling shareholders: Crystal Ventures which is offering 100% of

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For Kyayonka, look beyond the minuscule time at NSSF

It’s a four. No, it is a six. Wait, they call them boundaries. Wicket. This one comes after some fine bowling. A mistake by the batsman. Then there is a duck. Not one in water. One in cricket where you don’t get to pick a single run. Then there is Yorker. An over. A century.

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Press and Journalists Act “violates the freedoms of speech, expression, the press and other media” – Petition

… from The African Center for Media Excellence  PRESS RELEASE On Friday March 14, 2014, the Centre for Public Interest Law (CEPIL), in cooperation with the Human Rights Network for Journalists and the Eastern Africa Media Institute, a tripartite initiative known as the Partnership for a Free and Independent Media, filed a constitutional petition challenging major sections of the

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The young (backspace) scribe

 Its a rainy morning. The muddy road from the house is like a potato ground yet one must find his way to the office. No matter the weather, situation and trouble, one must be available for work. After a horrific and dangerous motorcycle ride, one arrives at the office, opens the morning papers, reads emails,

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Hashtag Kirya live

He started waving to his fans and the screaming ladies did want the show to end. He offered his hand and there was a gold rush for it. They wanted to touch it, feel it and confirm whether he was human real.   ‘Maurice, ‘we love you’ some were screaming. ‘take me home’ others would say and

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Uganda Telecom (UTL) Commits to pay Airtel – Press release from Airtel

Press Release 19th, August 2011– Airtel Uganda has announced new developments followingits decision to discontinue interconnection with Uganda Telecom (UTL).After meetings convened by the Minister of Information, Communication andTechnology and Uganda Communication Commission to facilitate a settlementof the dispute, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the twoparties. Mr. V.G. Somasekhar, airtel Managing Director

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