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Make-over in the making

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Top notch CEO’s and brand strategists sit in the boardrooms of their companies thinking of new products that will most likely or not at the creat a shift in the market. In similar but not the same move, THE ANAGRAM with its one man board has made a strategic decision to move to a new […]


Scribe in Transition.

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Take two. This blogger has been inactive for while. Not because he has a writer’s block but because the paintbrush cannot work on the keyboard. Take another two. Grab a napkin and simply wipe that face of the sweat brought about by the smoldering sunlight. Someone once told me that a bold head can be […]


Inglorious News

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He is watching an episode from the CBS series NCIS. Its dark, the sound of hooting vehicles is accompanied by the smashing of brakes from the same cars. He can’t hear these sounds. He is concentrating on the Series. Laughing at Agent Donoso eating agent McGee’s apple and then agent Ziva trying to speak the […]