“Blogger” goes into administration

This rumour has been going on for atleast three weeks. I would like to confirm this by announcing that this blog has gone into administration. The current financial crisis is partly the cause. The new Brain crunch has also been a cause for filing for bankruptcy. We would like to announce that there are issues that led to the crunch.
Toxic assets
This company acquired toxic assets that would not be sold to anyone. This led to “brokenness.” The blog has been making losses. It acquired and accumulated debts. The CEO was the one borrowing and on behalf of the blog he could not sustain it. He had to file for bankruptcy protection. There was a slight credit freeze. The prevailing economic turbulence could allow the blogger to stay in business
Paper planes
This is a brain freeze. The blogger could only resort to using a pen and piece of paper. The paper could not be uploaded on the internet. The blogger could no longer afford the internet costs because of the crunch. The paper was also washed down the washing machine. A brain freeze, the memory was completely lost. It could not be recovered.
The blogger has one brain and it unfortunately had other assignments for close to a month. Apparently the blogger went for further studies and had too much work to do. Course work and over 30 pages of a report, designing a newspaper page, finding a name and running a newspaper, working on my public speaking speech and also working on marketing and advertising reports.
Saving energy
The blogger has been saving energy. Thanks to the lightening and rain the blogger has been able to support the going green cause. The power fluctuations have become part of the bloggers life.
These are destructions that needed the bloggers’ attention. Twenty20 cricket, confederations cup, Transformers: revenge of the fallen, Angels and Demons (the movie), 24 season 7, 2 Tom Clancy books, the apprentice, doing assignments for a brother and then the girl.
Clotting blood
The blogger had his blood clotting after he was told to retake a paper. Apparently he had scored a 38%. It broke his heart. It was unbelievable. He had to move up and down looking for the Professor to probably re-mark. It took the blogger 5months to have his real marks. Only a week ago, his faculty had to apologise for the error they made in writing his marks. 68% it was.
Uncertain future
The bloggers’ future is at stake. He is challenged by the task of getting a job. The hurdles are getting higher and higher. He is only 5feet and something. Reading a Donald Trump biography isn’t helping much.
Blame the blogger or not, it has been a terrible month. In a press briefing later this week there will a bail out in the offing. The blogger will soon return to his laptop and blow the dust off his dashboard.

The deceiver by Frederick Forsyth
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“Say (All I Need)” by One republic

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