A toast to unemployment

GOVERNMENT TO PAY JOBLESS YOUTH… Wow this is impressive stuff. My eyes could not avoid the crispy contact with this headline. Buried into reading this story I could not help think. After flipping the page and fully engaging my brains into this story, I kept on saying to myself “Lord give me a sign.” A sign to know whether this was one of those political pranks that politicians love to unleash.

So what if it is true. Then I’d rather be unemployed. Am employed at the moment, and earn around 150,000/= a month. The government will be paying between 150,000/= and 200,000/=. This may cause me to quit my job and start enjoying the tax payer’s money. Seriously I’ve thought about this and it’s kind of tickling me. I feel like laughing my head off. Could this be the end of poverty and the worries of getting a job over?

People look at this positively; imagine you getting paid for what you haven’t done. Guess it is the reward for the taxes you have been paying indirectly (VAT).

Is this real or am I being blinded by the large Font size of the headline?
Trust me this prank maybe too hard to pull off. The New Vision should have known better.

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