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@ 24

Quickly I scribble down the words, I listen to the speeches. What are they talking about? The economy? Politics? Business? Who cares?  I concentrate. Cannot blink, stare or afford to be absent minded. 30 minutes later the function concludes, I rush with my recorder to ask the main speaker questions. He listens. He responds. I ask. I record. We exchange cards. I leave.

30minutes later am at my desk, am sweating. 300ml bottle of Coke is staring at me. Am watching my keyboard, with my hands in standby mode while spread out on the keyboard. Am thinking of how to start the story. It’s like putting together gigsaw  puzzles of blue lit sky. I type a word and quickly I backspace. I type a sentence and delete it. 30minutes later I finally get my words in order. In another 30mins am all set. Next assignment.

This post is not about my Job. Its about me getting to celebrate my 24th year. Am still a novice.

9 thoughts on “@ 24

  1. You write well. I think that’s cool…About your work,Col 3:23,24 [23 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not to men; 24 Knowing that of the Lord you shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for you serve the Lord Christ.]
    Otherwise, happy 24th.

  2. @Ugandan girl Thank you. The new look is part the re-branding. Felt like a change was needed.
    I need my Cake!! Pineapple Upside down.

    @Nev Thanks for the encouraging words :).

  3. Ha! you guy, we were born 2 days apart..made 24 on Monday. And to think I thought you were a ….hehe,had u gng there. Happy BD; mine was as mundane as yours

  4. @sleek I know what you didn’t say. Well my BD was a very normal day apart from the overwhelming texts and activity on my status. Ate so much food for lunch.

    @Tricia Waiting for that cake!! I tried to enjoy.

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