The tomato, not yet ripe

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I am not a regular cook but there are things that are obvious when it comes to cooking. Cooking is not a “men’s” thing people tend to argue but the best chefs in Uganda are actually men. In my little unknown kitchen I try out two tomato soups. Strictly tomatoes not the packed tomato soup […]


Little Imaginary country

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Littered streets, drunken men staggering out of a roadside bar and glide into their fuel guzzling SUV’s parked under a rugged roof. They drive on the garbage filled roads, oozing sewerage from septic tanks with the streets majorly deserted being patrolled by rats. Street lights have become home to the owls. The men drive to […]

big joke

Black “not” Swann

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Another night, another dayBody rolls around the bedTwists left and right and left and right. Face looks side ways and upwards. The clock keeps ticking, the dogs constantly patrol the red tainted night.The roof shudders only in the little boys thoughts. The room is too loud as the world is asleep. mosquitoes buzz around the […]