60 seconds or not of fame with Mckeith

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It was the one the biggest mentions on Ugandan Girl’s blog. There was so much hype around it. Her 60 seconds interview mentioned my name and I got approached by all these news wires looking to interview me. I mean who would think Sanyu FM’s Seanice, Capital FM’s Kassuja, NTV’s Rosemary and Tina (Rendezvous), UBC’s […]


My country, My pain

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It’s quite painful to watch a scene in a movie and if directly juxtaposed to the situation in my country it’s all the same. Blood sucking vampires in the movies feed on human blood of course there are those that seem to have an antidote that prevents them from feeding on human blood. My country […]


The wailing letter 2010 wrote

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Dearest Mckeith  and your readers, I trust you are well. I watched you people kick me out on the 31st of December and trust me it was very heartbreaking to watch.  Before I left, I decided to write you something small. It’s straight from my heart. I am locked up in a prison with no […]