A scribes’ fortune

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Young, energetic, a dreamer, ambitious are some of the few descriptions can define this young journalist. Growing up he often took clippings of his favorite writers and columnists, placed then in his file together with the old stamps and old money he used to collect. Taking mid-school fence jumps to go and buy a copy […]


Not again

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World shut out, dreams thrown out and yet again it has been blown. The sleepless nights, as he slowly turned the pages and expected to start a new chapter in life. This chapter has to be deleted. Again. Wiped away. The morning was jolly as he knew the next day would come with its fortunes. […]


Limit on Human Mating

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It was a bright Sunday as I did my laundry. Samsung phone Radio tuned to the BBC. The details of the show. Very interesting topic on the Communitariansim. We have people we call heroes. They alter the state of being by doing the most noble of things. In this particular segment of the show “the […]

schools that suck

When theives are among us.

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Am dreamer and in the near future I look forward to having my own children running around the house.Walking or driving the kids to school. Playing in the compound , shooting toy guns and going for birthdayparties at the neighbors.Changing diapers, telling them off when they are in the wrong and talking to them about […]