look after you


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Everyone gets to a time when they want somethingTo like, appreciate and loveOthers wonder whether it will ever be soHoping that time will beAnd Holding on to hope and the truthThat make life more bearableSo live through it – Your phaseHolding close to what counts mostAnd looking for what will lastBecause like it or notOne […]

my stomach is rumbling like crazy

Karma is for real..

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You can smell the silence as it sails past your door at 2:15am.“I am scared. Scared of everything,” You whisper to yourselfYou wish you could be somewhere watching everything happen. “What if I hadn’t messed up?” you ask yourself.Your thoughts fade into the sky up above and your imagination sets you into a state of […]

children of the earth

Through the woods he walks

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A faint hearted soul searches for its comfort in the woods. Its dark and the sound of the ware wolves eases through his ears as he slowly clutches to his chest. The trees swing at the sound of the wind. The dry leaves fall off the trees at every footstep he makes. The moon has […]