R.kelly in town.

R.Kelly in town

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After disorganizing traffic along enttebbe road in the R.Kelly branded bus,We finally made it to the Airport at around 10pm. Just in time as the plane was just landing.We waited at the VIP lounge at the airport (ofcourse we were standing outside). The security was intimidating as the guys from Pinnacle security dressed rather in […]


From my sister to you

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It’s been long Long since I have a broad smile The broad smile who have denied me Denied to me by my misjudegment Misjudgement that love had presented Presented in the form of you Your scented clothes, The tender kiss you left on my cheek The cheek I would often present apart from that night. […]


Inglorious News

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He is watching an episode from the CBS series NCIS. Its dark, the sound of hooting vehicles is accompanied by the smashing of brakes from the same cars. He can’t hear these sounds. He is concentrating on the Series. Laughing at Agent Donoso eating agent McGee’s apple and then agent Ziva trying to speak the […]

great thinkers

twenty 10

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It is the Morning SunriseHe is walking to the hilltopThe scenery is an offeringTo those who love natureHe looks around.He then takes a closer look. They are like droplets of water, It is seen on the grass, the flower petals and rooftops.It can only be seen once in the day.It gives the grass a spectacular […]