God save the nation

Here I stand…….

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Here I sit, watching my computer screen looking at me.The screen is blank and black.I think. Five days ago while on the job of moving up and downA motocycle put me down. I was sent crushing by the motocycle.I was the passenger. I survived. My pelvic hurts though. So I think again what should I […]


Special Announcement but first………

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Hush now This is for youThe one who stayedBut then leftThe one who stood byAnd then laid backThe one who held my handAnd then let goThe one who I watchedAnd then you drift away The one who slit my throatAnd proudly boastedThe one who knows the truthBut lives in denialThe one with who offeredMe a […]

Broken hearts


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The beauty of life is to appreciate how diverse human nature behaves. People are different. If put together they can make a very beautiful fabric. Ever been in love? Ok I can see that the answers are different. Obviously some are saying Yes others are saying No. “Hey you over there, do you have anything […]

Growing up

The story of moi’

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“…….I turn my head east; I don’t see nobody by my side.I turn my head to the west; still nobody in sightSo I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride.That old me’s dead and gone but the new me will be alright….” The room is dark. The only sounds […]