Stay. Dont leave

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I watchI witherI lose HopeI look flawless I am lightLike a feather in the windI am far awayEmbedded in thoughtsThe thoughts of a crying heartBleading tearsBeaming with claws of a broken heart. I dreamOf that lifeThat fantasyThat forever stays withinThat forever glows like a twilightI look at the skiesThe stars talkA language I understandA language […]

do we even care

Finding God

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Waking up on sunday, we all think about church (Atleast for those who think about it). On this particular sunday it rained heavily but it didnt affect any of the plans that I had. Normally I attend 3pm service somewhere near State House. But this sunday was different. There was something that wanted me to […]

great expectations

After campus Memoirs Vol.1

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Who wouldnt want to brush off some dust after 3 long years of hard earned education? Well after my finals on a wednesday, I partied from that night, thursday and friday. Wednesday:After making noise, giving goodbye hugs, (unfortunately I never got any peck. It was so annoying) and getting shirts signed(celebrity status) I decided to […]


So what!!!!!

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19th August 2009 17:01:00 “Pens down,” the lecturer says I put mine down recalling the last word I wrote in the exam. “Life” was the last word. I slowly crawl off the chair with my script. I hand in. I ran outside the room, hands held high, looking to the skies. “It is finished,” I […]


Politics!!!!!(Patriotic rants vol.2)

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Recently I had a chat with some of my colleagues. We looked at some of the global issues. War in Iraq, Iran and international politics in general, but the conversation did not look as passionate until it came down to Uganda. Gifted by natureThe irony in this is that the advert no longer runs on […]